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Couple: Micah & Rachel
Proposal Date: 12/03/2011
Proposal Location: Tampa, FL,
United States
Wedding Date: 03/03/2012
Wedding Location: Tampa,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Awesome Marriage Proposal! (Plane, Field, Piano, Coldplay)
This video explains it best: watch?v=XYppoHKrQyc&- ;

B- ut the story goes,

One morning Micah picked up Rachel, blindfolded her, and took her to a small airport. Micah is a pilot in Tampa, Florida, and Rachel had never flown with him before. Once at the hangar, where the small plane was waiting that Micah had rented, he removed her blindfold. They boarded the plane and he flew her over some of their favorite places (beaches, park, etc.). After that they flew over a familiar pasture, and he jokingly said, Lets try landing on that. Rachel thought he was nuts. He flew over the field once, signaling the photographer and videographer to take their positions. The second time around he landed on an airstrip that he recently mowed. He taxied near the tree line, and they got out and began walking around. Not far into the walk, Rachel spotted an upright piano that Micah had placed in the middle of the pasture. He led her over to it, sat her down, and began playing her favorite song, The Scientist, by Coldplay. This song had been revised with words written specifically for Rachel. After playing and singing to her, Micah got on his knee, said some special words, and asked her to marry him. SHE SAID YES!!!

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