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Couple: Jamie & Eric
Proposal Date: 04/24/2007
Proposal Location: Eiffel Tower,
Wedding Date: 06/21/2008
Wedding Location: Morgantown, WV,
United States
Our Proposal Story: The Lighting of the Eiffel Tower - Our Engagement Story
While vactioning in Paris France, Eric asked Jamie to have a picnic dinner with him that night so they could see the Eiffel Tower illuminate at 9pm. They went to the local wine shop got a bottle of wine and the bakery to get bread, ham, and cheese for the picnic. They sat and enjoyed the food and wine and waited for the Eiffel Tower to light.

At 9pm the Eiffel Tower illuminated and Eric told Jamie he brought her a small gift for their trip. Eric handed Jamie a photo album containing pictures of them throughout the years they had been dating. Towards the back of the album a picture of WVU, a palm tree, and Jamie's dog Sketchy appeared (all elements that Jamie had previously joked about would make a perfect proposal!) At the end the words To Be Continued appeared. Totally, clueless Jamie thought the photo album was the only gift and was a message that one day they would become engage. Eric then reaches into his bag and pulls out the most gorgeous princess cut ring and asks Jamie to marry him. Ofcourse the response was a tearful YES! After the initial shock wore off they called their family and friends to share the amazing news!

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