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Couple: Tom & Augustina
Proposal Date: 03/06/2008
Proposal Location: San Francisco, CA,
United States
Wedding Date: 10/06/2010
Wedding Location: Villanova, PA,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Picnic
I proposed to my fiance on her birthday, using it as an excuse to be romantic without her knowing something was up. Her birthday fell on a thursday, so as she went to work I spent the day tying up the loose ends for a romantic sunset picnic. I went around the bay area for her favorite things, and packed everything (including the ring) in our basket.

When I picked her up from work, I drove to our "spot" (where we had a picnic for our 1 year dating anniversary)on the top of Mt. Tam, and she thought we were going to have a nice birthday picnic. From our little spot we are able to watch the sun set into the ocean, surrounded by a beautiful state park, its one of our favorite places in all of California. As the sun was setting, I told her I had another little surprise for her. (She thought she was getting a new iPod, because hers was stolen about a week before). To her surprise, I handed her a book (her reaction was priceless, as she was expecting the iPod). What she did not know was that I wrote and published what I had just handed to her, and I instructed her to read it from front to back without skipping a page. She quickly realized it was not an ordinary book as it was documenting her life, our relationship, and pictures of her favorite things. As she read, she started getting a little emotional, but still had no idea what was going to happen. When she turned to the last page, where I wrote my proposal, I got on one knee and asked her to marry me. After two minutes of crying, she realized she had to actually say yes, and we are now happily engaged.

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