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Couple: Kurtis & Amanda
Proposal Date: 11/11/2007
Proposal Location: Sea World, San Diego,
CA, United States
Wedding Date: 08/10/2008
Wedding Location:
CA, United States
Engagement Ring
Her Ring
Our Proposal Story: Proposal with the Dolphins
It was early October of 2007 when I had mentioned to Amanda that we would be going to Las Vegas for a few days insinuating a proposal would happen. However, there would be no proposal in Vegas. A couple weeks after I planted the idea of a proposal in Vegas Amanda and I went out for a normal dinner where we happened to run into my boss. We decided it would be fun to eat together and during our conversation my boss had mentioned he had to go out of town during the second weekend in November. He also told us that he had some Sea World Trainer for a Day tickets he was supposed to use on that weekend, but could no longer use, and asked if we wanted them. Amanda, without hesitation, accepted the offer.

Now is a good time to fill you in on what just happened. That dinner was set up. My boss was actually waiting for us at the restaurant and when we sat down with them, he gave that bogus story of him being out of town and having tickets to Sea World. In actuality, I had already bought the tickets, but Amanda didn't know that and was thinking we scored free tickets on a once in a lifetime occasion. At this point she still thought Vegas was going to be the magical place.

After a stressful week of trying to keep all this a secret, the day finally arrived. We showed up to Sea World and had a great time. We both got to ride a dolphin, feed the dolphins, learn about the dolphins and other animals, and at the end of the program we both were able to interact with a dolphin. During the interaction, a Sea World trainer instructed me to throw a prop bottle into the water for the dolphin to retrieve. The instructor then told Amanda to perform a behavior instruction, which would tell the dolphin to retrieve the bottle. The dolphin did a beautiful job of pushing the bottle back to Amanda and then Amanda spent the next minute opening the tightly sealed bottle. When she opened it, she pulled out a scroll that said "Will You Marry Me?" on it and I bent to one knee in the water. She said "Yes!" The ring was in a pouch on the scroll and I put it on her. Everyone watching the program was cheering for us and Amanda was so surprised.

After it was all over, I explained to her that Vegas and the dinner were orchestrated to keep her in the dark. She could not believe it, and said she could not have asked for a better experience.

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