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Couple: Gregg & Brainne
Proposal Date: 03/15/2013
Proposal Location: Colorado river, Grand Canyon,
United States
Wedding Date: 08/28/2014
Wedding Location: Unsure
Our Proposal Story: The story of us ..
I need to first explain how my finance and I met.. We work in an emergency room of one of the biggest hospitals in New York City. During Hurricane Irene our entire hospital was closed and evacuated. However a hand full of medical staff was needed to stay behind incase any patients came to our door for help. We didn't really know each other and for 4 days we were locked inside the Emergency Dept riding out the storm. When our four days were over , we were in love and inseparable ever since ; Recently we planed a trip to Las Vegas. It was my birthday present to her. My biggest concern was getting the ring there unnoticed and undetected. I sewed it into a boxing glove key chain and managed to get it there no problem. ; Once landing at Las Vegas airport we were greeted by a limo driver waiting for us. But rather than take us to our hotel. He took us to another terminal where our helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon west rim was waiting. She was totally surprised. Once we landed 3200 feet into the Grand Canyon. I got behind her while commenting how the canyon and river go on forever. Mentioned how we should go on forever as well and gave her the ring . She was surprised we celebrated with champagne next to the river before boarding the helicopter back to Las Vegas

I couldn't have pulled it off without the help and knowledge of the amazing blue Nile staff who guided me with the ring while I planed everything else

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