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Couple: Scott & Jackie
Proposal Date: 09/15/2012
Proposal Location: Upstate NY,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Surprise Engagement Party
Let me start by saying my fiance and I have already been married once before and she was under the impression that I never wanted to get married ever again. Its not that I am against marriage, just the opposite, but I knew I wanted to make the proposal extra special and I wanted to surprise her as much as possible. Therefore every time she would bring up marriage I would try to change the subject and tell her lets discuss it later. Ok so I know that was very frustrating for her to hear but I thought it would be worth it the surprise in the long run.

Now my plans was to make a music video of our time together, have a surprise engagement party and propose to her after the video was done playing. I invited approximately 30 people (close family and friends) to our favorite restaurant. My fiance assumed we were just going out to dinner to our favorite restaurant when we walked in. The staff at the restaurant knew what I had planned so when we walked in and she said it was just us they smiled and walked us to a private room where my fiance's family and friends were waiting and said surprise. At this point my fiance was very confused, shocked to see people from out of town and thought we were having a surprise birthday party for someone. I immediately grabbed her hand and told her that I have been moonlighting at work to create a video that I wanted to show her.

At this time I think she was still in shock and confused. I sat her down and said I think you will understand after you see my video. I pulled out my laptop and played the following video (Please go to YouTube and in the search box type in):

The proposal at the red fox.

The video has a picture of a red coffee cup.

About 10 seconds into the video she realized what was happening and began shaking and crying. The music really gives it away lol. At the end of the video the actual ring I purchased from Blue Nile appears and that was my cue to pull it out of my pocket, get on one knee and in front of her family and friends ask my best friend to marry me. She said yes and there was not one dry eye in the place. We went on to have a fantastic engagement party that night.

Thank you Blue Nile for helping me select such a beautiful engagement ring. The sparkle is amazing!

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