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Couple: Chris & Heather
Proposal Date: 08/25/2012
Proposal Location: Seal Beach, CA,
United States
Wedding Date: 05/25/2013
Wedding Location: Bellevue, Washington,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Awesome "Photo Bomb," Marriage Proposal
Heather and I met my junior year of college at the University of Washington. Her sorority was across the street from my fraternity so we shared lots of events together. The cool thing is that we were friends for 10 years before we started dating.

I knew I was going to ask Heather to marry me months before I actually did. Heather is so amazing I wanted to make it extra special. The idea came to me to ask two of our best friends to secretly hold up signs behind us while two other good friends took our picture on the beach at sunset. They photo bombed, the picture with signs that said, Will you marry me? Heather had no idea they were behind us until I showed her the picture on the digital camera and she saw the posters asking her to marry me. Since she knew I was going to ask her soon, I wanted something unexpected that would surprise her and be unique.

Awesome Wedding Proposal Photo Bomb: Link to our engagment video on Youtube - watch?v=dykL9t0crFo

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