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Couple: Mark & Jessica
Proposal Date: 11/22/2012
Proposal Location: My House,
United States
Wedding Date: 08/16/2014
Wedding Location: Antigua
Our Proposal Story: Finally Did It...
Purchased the ring back in Aug... and had planed on doing a New Years Eve proposal. But as time went on it just became harder and harder not to ask for her hand. So with us doing Thanksgiving at my place for the first time and our family all showing up for dinner, I made the decision that morning to do it. It was a great moment complete with tears of joy... She absolutely LOVED the ring. The word "Perfect" was used... Which was a BIG relief after having it for so long prior to popping the question. Thank you Blue Nile for your help and making the right choice. The Princess Cut setting and diamond where perfect... Your input made my life much easier with me having no idea on what I was doing lol (Diamond Picking)
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