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First Dance Proposal.
About 20+ years a go Donna and I dated and had gone to the Barge Restaurant on a date. At that time the Barge had a lounge section by the bar with a guy playing a piano. Well she dumped a couple of bucks in the tip jar on the piano and dragged me out on the floor for our first dance together. Well at the end of the song we went to go sit down the whole place erupted with applause as I turned beet red but it was something I/we would never forget. After all these years we were reunited again and started dating some time a go. So I decided to return to the Barge to propose to her. I didn't want to give her any Idea what I was up to so I didn't tell her where we were going. As I got on the Highway I asked her to put on a blind fold until we got there. Then I walked her up to the front of the Barge and told her to take it off. She was surprised to be there so we proceeded to have a late lunch; I did ask to sit by the bar where the lounge was at one time. After we ate we were enjoying a couple of Italian coffees I popped the question and presented her with the ring, and she yes and started to cry, happy tears that is. She does love the ring and so do I for that matter.
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