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Couple: becky & Stephen
Proposal Date: 07/31/2011
Proposal Location: Savannah Ga,
GA, United States
Wedding Date: 09/08/2012
Wedding Location: Savannah,
GA, United States
Our Proposal Story: who yells before they get engaged?!
Stephen surprised me with a trip to Savannah to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I in the process was getting frustrated cause i kept thinking any time i turned around he was going to propose! So i decided i wasn't going to let anything ruin our trip. We got there, the bellman asked if we were celebrating and i said our anniversary; so he got us champagne and things, SO excited! We go out to dinner, and we're walking along the river at night (in my head) im thinking "this is it, i know it!" well we walk the whole darn riverside, nothing. Went to bed kinda upset, get up the next morning and Stephen is up at like 730, im annoyed cause i want to sleep! He tells me to hurry up and get in the shower, so i grumpily stomp off. I finally shower and im in the bathroom trying to get my makeup on and hes yelling "will you come here, i want to see if you want to wear this today" and im yelling back "will you hold on please im trying to get my contacts in!" and this goes on till he finally says "WILL YOU JUST COME OUT HERE" and I'm all huffy and go "FINE"..... (insert foot in mouth here) walked out, and he was there on one knee with the most beautiful ring i have ever seen! and i just go "oh come on!" i just yelled at you!!! he laughs and goes, i never imagined it another way :) after i stopped shaking uncontrollably and crying/laughing he goes "WELL??" and i go" oh yea duhhh!" best "oh yea" i ever said :)
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