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Couple: Desiree & Cory
Proposal Date: 02/02/2008
Proposal Location: New York City,
United States
Wedding Date: 09/20/2008
Wedding Location: San Pedro, CA,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Helicopter Proposal in New York
Desiree's Version: First of all, it must be stated that Cory took me completely by surprise with his proposal. We had decided late last year to take a trip to New York City; I had never been there, and Cory wanted to show me around his old stomping grounds! Saturday night, we dressed for our dinner at Tavern on the Green, but Cory informed me that we would be doing "something else" before dinner. We hopped into a cab outside of our hotel (The Ritz!) and he instructed the driver to go to a HELIPORT! He had chartered a helicopter to take us on a half-hour tour of Manhattan at dusk. We oohed and aahed over the lights on all of the buildings, but especially the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. As we shuffled from side to side of the rather spacious helicopter, I grabbed for his hand... and noticed that there was something IN it. I felt around the size of it, sure it would be a necklace, but discovered that the box ENDED. I looked at him, wide-eyed, and exclaimed, "What is THAT?" He replied, "I wanted to make this night very special, because I'm wanted to ask you to be my wife." I was in complete and total shock. Cory got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed "YES!" at him, and then grabbed him. We hugged and kissed for a few minutes, and then he interrupted by asking me, "would you like to SEE the ring?" We both laughed. He slipped the ring onto my finger, and the rest of the helicopter ride was utterly surreal. Once we landed, the pilot handed Cory a bottle of champagne and two plastic glasses, and we toasted our future.

Cory's version: I waited till you felt the said, " what is that?" I said " i wanted to do something really special tonight because I wanted to ask you to be my wife..." I slid down on one knee...and said " Will you marry me?" and you exclaimed "YES" very quickly.... That's how i remember it....does that sound head was buzzing quite a bit...and I was a nervous nelly....

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