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Couple: Jessica & Anthony Thomas
Proposal Date: 12/10/2008
Proposal Location: New York City, NY,
NY, United States
Wedding Date: 11/01/2009
Wedding Location: Bensalem, PA,
PA, United States
Our Proposal Story: Anthony and Jessica's Story
On December 10, 2008, Anthony and I celebrated our three-year dating anniversary. Anthony surprised me and took us to New York City. We arrived shortly after noon and had lunch in a hole-in-the-wall authentic Italian restaurant. It was small and intimate, and the food was light and delicious. Anthony had prepared a series of questions for us to discuss over lunch and throughout the day. Together we shared our thoughts, dreams and visions for the future. <p> Ou- r conversation continued as we went to our first destination: Cirque du Soleil’s Wintuk at the Madison Square Garden. It was a great show! After window-shopping around Manhattan, we shared a romantic dinner under the Brooklyn Bridge at the River Café. We enjoyed every minute of it. <p> Ou- r- <p> Ne- xt, we headed out to the Rockefeller Center for another surprise. We were going ice-skating, which is something both of us had always wished we could do. We had a great time skating and making memories on the ice. Just before 10pm, an announcement was made for everyone to get off the ice. I saw the Zamboni (ice resurfacing machine) out of the corner of my eye, so as fast as I could, I tried to get Anthony and myself off the rink. He kept trying to talk me into getting some pictures taken and then going for another lap on the ice. Of course, I was clueless as to what was going on, so I resisted (naturally :). <p> We took a lap on the ice and ended up in the middle of the rink. Then I heard our song, <p> Ou- r- <p> Ne- xt,- "Unforgettable&quo- t; by Nat King Cole, playing in the background but still did not have a clue what was coming next. Anthony took my hands and began to share some very deep and meaningful words with me. He knelt down on the ice and took off his gloves and mine. Finally it clicked. Before I knew what was going on, I was crying. Out of his pocket, Anthony pulled out a small green pouch. From the pouch he took out a ring and proposed to me. I was in shock for a few seconds, and then I gladly agreed. All around the ice skating rink people were cheering and clapping. It was an exciting moment. We took a last “victory” lap and then got off the ice so they could resurface it for the next skating <p> Ou- r- <p> Ne- xt,- "Unforgettable&quo- t;- session. <p&- ;gt; That day was truly one to remember. We are so glad to be together, and we wait in joyful anticipation for what lies ahead of us.
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