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Couple: Ken & Chen
Proposal Date: 06/06/2009
Proposal Location: New York,
NY, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location: Negril,
Our Proposal Story: The Heart Locket
On June 6th, I decided it was time to propose. Actually, I decided this even before then.

Every Valentine's day, I give Chen a stuffed bear, each one named Pimp Bear. On Valentine's Day of this year, I gave her Pimp Bear v5.0. Underneath its sweater was a heart-shaped white gold locket with two pictures of us inside. The left side had a picture of us during our first trip to NYC together, and the right side had a picture of us during our first Valentine's day together. On the back of the locket, the words "Together Forever" were engraved. Upon receiving Pimp Bear, Chen immediately lifted up its sweater (don't ask me why), revealing the "hidden" locket. Sneaky. That night, we spent Valentine's Day on a cruise ship that sailed around NYC, while we ate dinner and took in the breathtaking night views of the city lights. Chen was wearing her new heart locket.

On June 6th, Chen and I were planning on going to IKEA to buy some furniture for her new Waterside apartment. We decided to meet up with our good friend, Ye, before we headed out to go furniture shopping. Chen was wearing her heart locket again that day. Ye brought us to this French/Japanese restaurant near Central Park, saying that he had heard a lot of good things about it. After brunch, Ye led us outside, where he insisted that we meet up with "his friend" at this "awesome dessert place nearby". He led us to the corner of 55th (Chen's favorite number) & 6th, where we stood in front of the LOVE statue to wait for his friend. After a few minutes of standing around, Ye brought up the topic of jewelry and asked about the locket, seemingly very interested in it. We took off the locket for him to get a better look at it. It looked like one of the pictures was a little crooked, so I took out a toothpick to fix it, but the picture accidentally popped out. As I bent down to pick up the picture off the ground, Ye couldn't believe what he saw on the locket and pulled Chen over to take a look. On the inside of the locket where the picture used to be, a surprise message was engraved.. "Will You Marry Me?" As Chen read the words, she immediately looked down to see me on one knee, with a small box in my hands. After I babbled a few words that probably didn't make any sense, I was overjoyed when I heard Chen say, "Yes". We then looked out into the crowd, only to see that the whole thing was captured on video. We celebrated our special day that evening at NYC's One if by Land, Two if by Sea. Chen was wearing her heart locket again that night, with the picture placed neatly back in place.

The rest is history. :)

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