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Couple: Sarah & Brad
Proposal Date: 05/14/2011
Proposal Location: Yosemite NP,
CA, United States
Wedding Date: 01/27/2012
Wedding Location: Sydney,
Our Proposal Story: Awestruck in Yosemite NP
My boyfriend & I travelled from Sydney, Australia to the USA for a holiday in May 2011. Our trip began with a road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco via Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite NP. When we left Mammoth Lakes, we discovered the Eastern entrance (highway 120) to Yosemite hadn't even begun to be cleared of snow from winter. Neither had our secondary route, the 108. Nor our tertiary route, the 4! So we had to drive all the way around north & enter from the western side. What we thought would be a 3 hour drive turned into a 8 hour drive, and we didn't arrive until 6pm. This left us only 1 day to see the wonders!

The next day (warm and sunny with thundering waterfalls) we headed from Curry Village to Mirror Lake. We took the dirt track which we knew was blocked at the end by rock fall. But we didn't know we couldn't cross all the way over the lakebed to the bitumen path to get to the lookout! My boyfriend spent a long time looking around for a nice spot to rest, or at least a way across. So we had to walk all the way back to where the tracks split and up again to the lookout. We were very exhausted but stupefied by the panorama.

We slowly headed back to toward Curry Village when suddenly my boyfriend bolted up a small hill on the side of the track. I asked 'do I have to come up there too?' to which he, annoyingly, said 'Yes'. We sat on a small boulder and rested, taking in the still-amazing views. I said 'shall we head back?', he replied 'not yet.'. Eventually he said 'there is something else I wanted to do while we're up here', which seemed to me a very strange thing to say. Then he casually got up, bent down on one knee and presented me with the most spectacular ring! I was so surprised, and immediately said yes.

The day was memorable in more ways than one. After heading back to Curry Village to celebrate with a couple of beers, we headed to bed in our unheated canvas cabin early. It was unusually cold and we regretted not requesting a change of cabin after we had asked for a double but were checked into a twin. By 10pm we were absolutely freezing, having only a couple of thin blankets and moderately warm clothes to sleep in. We both were busting to go to the toilet, but could not face the prospect of heading out to the shared toilets in the cold! I could hardly sleep due to something falling on the roof all night long, it was like sleeping inside a bass drum! By about 4am we could no longer bear it and decided to brave the cold. To our utter shock, it was snowing outside! The forest floor and trees were carpeted in white. The next morning at 7am it was still only -4 deg C/25 deg. F, and the whole park from ground to trees to mountain faces was covered in snow glimmering almost as brightly as my magnificent Blue Nile diamond ring!

What I enjoy most about my memory of the proposal, is that the location only existed at that moment in time. I wouldn't be able to find it on a map nor if we went back

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