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My painting to you...
For some time my g/f and I had been talking about painting a silhouette mural on her wall in her bedroom, since her and I are both artists. Finally we went to the store and bought some paint and brushes so when the time came, we were ready. ...
Couple: Chris and Crystal |Date Submitted: 08/10/2007
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Proposal in Iceland
To try something different and adventurous, we went on vacation to Iceland May 25-31, 2014. I figured it would be a great time (and in a unique place) to propose. I was a nervous wreck carrying the ring with me while traveling! We went on various guided group excursions...
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Couple: David and Maryann
Date Submitted: 06/05/2014
Proposal Date: 05/30/2014
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
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Logan and Kate: When Distance Doesn't Matter
Started at P.F. Changs at the Irvine Spectrum Center. We went and all was completely normal up until the fortune cookies came out. They actually brought out 6 fortune cookies for 2 people! Thankfully, I knew one of them was a special one that I actually had created. I made...
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Couple: Logan and Kate
Date Submitted: 05/24/2014
Proposal Date: 04/26/2014
Location: Crystal Cove, CA, United States
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Butterflies, Dr. Pepper, and Cause I said so.
Seeing I was at work, and I needed someone home to sign for the package, FedEx kind of ruined the surprise. She was aware a surprise was coming, as I already got a package from Amazon that she hadn't seen the contents of yet, so it wasn't too much of a spoiler. I had planned...
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Couple: Michael and Ashley
Date Submitted: 03/26/2014
Proposal Date: 03/25/2014
Location: Home, United States
  2.2 (4 votes)
Everyone said "Its about time!"
I am 55 and my fiance 59. We have been together for 13 yrs and recently He fell off the roof of the house, causing a spinal chord injury. Due to the Fact we are not married it was difficult to get anyone to talk to me or release His property (our car keys). After being...
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Couple: Susanne and Rick
Date Submitted: 03/15/2014
Proposal Date: 03/12/2014
Location: Ocala Florida
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"Have you figured out what I got you for Valentine's Day yet?"
Roxanne and I have been living together mostly non-stop for the last year and a half. As a graduate student studying engineering at the University of Florida, I hadn't had much time to think about my future, but one day I decided it was time to get serious!

Through Blue...
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Couple: Tristan and Roxanne
Date Submitted: 02/17/2014
Proposal Date: 02/14/2014
Location: Saint Augustine, FL, United States
  2.5 (4 votes)
How We Met: I am a sports reporter for Troy University Television and Jeff is the head cross country coach at the University. We met on October 15, 2012 when I interviewed him for the first time. I thought little of it but eventually he asked me out and we went on our first...
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Couple: Danielle and Jeff
Date Submitted: 01/17/2014
Proposal Date: 01/15/2014
Location: Troy, Alabama, United States
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She was surprised and very happy!
Once I received the engagement ring I purchased from Blue Nile I made reservations at our favorite restaurant in town and asked her best friend to secretly meet us so she could captured the moment in film. That plan didn't work as something came up and we couldnt make the...
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Couple: Luis and Antoinette
Date Submitted: 12/26/2013
Proposal Date: 12/25/2013
Location: Home, United States
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Here is a video of my proposal made by a friend. I managed to keep a large flash mob proposal a secret for a long time. A few days before hand a friend (who will be the one to marry us) asked if I arranged a person there to video it. I had so much going on to...
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Couple: Brian and Amy
Date Submitted: 12/23/2013
Proposal Date: 12/14/2013
Location: Oregon Zoo, United States
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I retired from the Marine Corps last year and went to work for a company in Afghanistan. During a vacation I decided to visit the Ukraine and subsequently met a lovely woman. We corresponded over the next three months after I returned to work. We met again each time I got a...
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Couple: Coral and Yuliya
Date Submitted: 12/18/2013
Proposal Date: 12/01/2013
Location: Czech Republic
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Romantic beach engagement proposal
I began planning about one month prior. I searched for a place that sells real rose pedals and I found one that would give me 700 rose pedals. I also bought plain wood and at the wood shop I cut the wood in order to build the signs. Then I sprayed painted the signs dark brown...
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Couple: Miguel and Lorena Londono
Date Submitted: 11/26/2013
Proposal Date: 11/02/2013
Location: Wildwood, NJ, United States
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