Colección exclusiva de Blue Nile

Colección exclusiva de Blue Nile
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  He's so logical.
Absolutely gorgeous! My fiance actually picked it out for me. He did all of the research but he wanted to make sure that I knew and approved of what he was getting me.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-30

  Amazing Diamond!
Absolutely beautiful, I could not be happier with the selection and this amazing diamond!
Chad R., HARRISBURG PA  – 2013-12-26

  She might love the diamond more
The quality and sparkle of the diamond is absolutely stunning. I purchased this diamond to be set in the classic floating diamond setting as an upgrade for my wife. She was so surprised and instantly fell in love with her new diamond ring. She along with others constantly comment on the beauty and sparkle of her ring. Her ring catches the eye of others from across a room.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-26

  Good but did not completely meet expectations
Very good cut. Did not get the shine expected from an excellently rated brilliance. But all-in-all, you'll get a better quality diamond for a much better price.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-25

  Ring too small
The ring is a little small and we will need a new one a little bigger
Kenneth N., BROOKLYN NY  – 2013-12-24

  Diamonds and sapphires tend to take one's breath away...
A perfect signature cut with a tad bit of warm color is a stone which throws colored fire everywhere. When she moves her hand around, there are flashes of fire which immediately attract the eye, regardless of the situation or ambient lighting. This stone has "pop" which always leads to a "wow" factor!
Daniel F, ROCHESTER NY  – 2013-12-24

  She loves it
Anonymous  – 2013-12-20

She loves the Asscher Diamond. That it is a little different from a round or princess cut makes it special to her. The diamond itself is really beautiful and the setting really complements the diamond as opposed to overwhelming it!
Anonymous  – 2013-12-20

excellent choice and service . .
Kevin, Carterville IL  – 2013-12-18

  She was completely swept off her feet! Thank you Blue Nile!
Very pleased with "fire" of diamond and documentation. First class!
Thomas, Minot ND  – 2013-12-18

  I love it!
I love it! Can't wait to suprise my girlfriend!
Anonymous  – 2013-12-17

  Exceeded our Expectations
My wife and I couldn't be happier with the ring we purchased. Blue Nile was recommended to us by a friend and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about buying a diamond online at first because there is so much variation in diamonds of the same cut, color, and clarity. However, the GCAL certification Blue Nile provides on Signature Ideal Round diamonds allowed us to see the true quality of the diamonds and alleviated our concerns. Again, we couldn't be happier. Thank you!
Ryan, Galena OH  – 2013-12-12

  My fiance loves her diamond engagement ring.
The diamond is perfect and the setting is beautiful.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-12

  Amazing service
I was very happy with the princess cut diamond in a platinum channel-setting.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-04

  She loves her princess cut diamond and Cathedral pave band setting !
The ring fit perfect ! The diamond and band setting were gorgeous together ! My Gf now my soon to wife , loved it !
Brad, Lusby MD  – 2013-12-03

  She loves the ring as much as she loves me
The signature cut diamond is beautiful and shines in any light, beautiful diamond and setting combination.
Michael, Fort Worth TX  – 2013-11-29

The diamond is beautiful it looks amazing.
Anonymous  – 2013-11-28

Its a diferent Diamond, depend of what you like. Sometimes you have to buy something exceptional.
Anonymous  – 2013-11-27

Brilliant shine! Exceptional quality and delivery of the ring seemed faster than ordering pizza
Anonymous  – 2013-11-27

  Blown away by the diamond's Brilliance and Fire
An extremely beautiful diamond. A top quality diamond with amazing brilliance and fire. My fiance was completely mesmerized by the beauty of this ring. I highly recommend the Blue Nile Signature Princess Cut Diamond, you won't be disappointed.
Matthew, Stoneham MA  – 2013-11-26

  She better say yes...
My woman wanted something simple. I wanted the diamond to be the star in the ring. It truly is.

  She loves the ring
Great service and great turn around time! She absolutely loves the ring!
Anonymous  – 2013-11-20

Exactly what I expected. I ordered a ring for over 10k and had it sent to a hotel I was staying at in California. I then discovered that Blue Nile does not ship to hotels for security reasons, but they were extremely quick about finding an alternative, and I ended up picking up the ring nearby at a Federal Express Pick Up Service. I had the ring within less than 2 days as promised.
Susan, Gainesville FL  – 2013-11-18

My bother loved the ring. And I'm sure his future wife it's going to love it too.
Laura, WYCKOFF NJ  – 2013-11-14

  Proposal Coming 11/23
I am delighted with the support I received from the two women I spoke with to get the ring ordered. And the ring is gorgeous. It is sitting secure at home waiting to go on a cruise and then to be given to its final recipient on 11/23. So don't know what her reaction will be, but I'm certainly hoping she'll be thrilled and impressed with the quality of the ring.
Anonymous  – 2013-11-13

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