Only one in every 10.000 diamonds possesses natural color and is referred to as a colored diamond. For this reason, colored diamonds are purchased almost exclusively for the intensity and distribution of the diamond's color. Criteria considered when purchasing a white or colorless diamond, such as cut proportions and clarity, are less important when purchasing a colored diamond.

The information below will help you understand colored diamonds to determine the diamond that's right for you.


Color intensity, the deepness or richness of color, is the most important consideration when purchasing a colored diamond. Cuanto más intenso es el color, más excepcional y valioso será el diamante.

All of our Blue Nile colored diamonds possess natural color and are never exposed to artificial coloring techniques such as dyeing or irradiation.


After color grade, carat weight has the most impact on price for colored diamonds. Cuando se extraen diamantes de las minas, es mucho más frecuente encontrar gemas pequeñas que grandes. Esto hace que los diamantes grandes sean mucho más valiosos. For this reason, diamond prices for colored diamonds rise exponentially with carat weight. Obtenga más información sobre el peso en quilates en nuestra sección de Educación sobre diamantes.


Due to the nature of colored diamonds, clarity is less important than it is in their colorless counterparts. Esto sucede porque las inclusiones tienden a quedar ocultas por el color del diamante.


Colored diamonds are primarily cut to emphasize their color. This contrasts with colorless diamonds that are cut to maximize sparkle or brilliance, which in some instances can detract from the natural color of a colored diamond. While colored diamonds still exhibit brilliance, color is the most important characteristic considered when they are being cut.


Mientras que la talla describe el rendimiento de la luz, las dimensiones y el acabado del diamante, la forma hace referencia al contorno del diamante visto desde arriba (p. ej., redondo, princesa, marquesa). It's important to note that many colored diamonds are cut into non-traditional shapes to enhance their natural color. Due to the rarity of colored diamonds, a specific shape in a specific color may not be available at any given time.

If you're seeking specific criteria in a colored diamond, please call our Diamond and Jewelry Consultants at 866-441-9149 for more information.


All Blue Nile colored diamonds are independently analyzed and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most respected laboratories in the diamond industry. Cada diamante está acompañado de un informe de identificación y origen de diamantes de color. Este informe autorizado enumera las especificaciones del diamante, incluido su grado de color, y garantiza su origen natural.

Setting Colored Diamonds

When choosing a setting for a colored diamond, it is best to choose a setting material that will enhance the natural color of your diamond. For example, yellow diamonds are often set in yellow gold, while pink diamonds look best when set in rose gold. If you have questions about the best setting for your colored diamond, please call our Diamond and Jewelry Consultants at 866-441-9149 for more information.