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Couple: rose & Victor
Proposal Date: 05/16/2006
Proposal Location: Arizona,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: From a Mountain Top
Victor and I had planned a hiking trip with a couple of friends where we lived in Fort Huachuca Arizona. He and the men went up ahead of us ladies as we struggled to hike up that mountain. As he went up the mountain, he had set a rose on the side of the trail, and a piece of a poem, this continued all the way up the mountain, for me to find. It was so romantic, as other people came down the mountain, already knowing what he had set at the top of the mountain, they would cheer me on and tell me it was worth it and I better keep him. He set up a half point picnic for me and the ladies, with more roses of course, and water. When I finaly reached the top, he had a trail of rose petals, leading to a long rope, that had a note "follow this rope and never let go". I followed it and there he was on one knee, at the edge of the mountain. I was so happy and excited, I don't even remember what he said, just that I said yes! Victor was killed in action in Iraq last year, before our wedding date, but this beautiful memory and his bluenile diamond will be kept forever.
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