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Couple: Robert & Aurelia
Proposal Date: 01/27/2008
Proposal Location: Medieval Times, NJ
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: A Knightly Proposal
I had a lot of ideas to propose to my finace. I wanted to do something extraordinary. At first, I thought a nice romantic treasure hunt would be great, and have me standing there at the final "clue" would be a great idea. But knowing my intelligent girlfriend, she would probably think something was up- and I wanted to surprise her.

After some thinkingand research I decided to engage to my girlfriend at Medieval TImes (NJ location to be exact). They had a special package which was affordable and romantic- so I went with that. The actual engagement was going to take place during a special, romantic KNIGHTING ceremony, where I'd have to kneel down in front of the king and he would induct me as a knight into his army.

The trumpets blared and two trumpet players followed by a king and his guards walked towards the throne. My fiance and i were seated at the table, along with my parents. She had no diea what was about to happen.

The king comes in and explains what the knighting ceremony is, and how it is only for brave people, etc. His assistant releases the scroll and he calls my name out. "Sir Robert." I stand up a kneel on a beautiful red pillow which was placed before the king. I getr handed a sword and kneel down and bow my head. The king asks if I had any special witnesses that I'd like to call forward. OIsay "my girlfriend, Aurelia!" In a confused stupor, she gets up and stands beside the king. The place is set. The kings' assistant drapes me in a cloak and and begins knighting me by putting his sword on my shoulder. After he knights me, he says "As my newest knight, is there anything special you'd like to say..." I confirmed. I grabbed Aurelia's hand and begin spilling the beans (while crying mind you) about how much she means to me. ONly a few words would get out before I found it hard to talk because I was teary-eyed. I asked her if she would be my princess as I am now her knight. Of course she said yes. The place erupted in cheer and we were offically engaged....

Aurelia was under the impression that we were celbrating her late birthday. My mother videotaped the ceremony and stepdad took pictures. It was all documented. Also, unbeknownst to her, we were greeted by 41 of our closest friends to help celebrate the night. It was a double surprise. We then watched the show and celebrated together.

Medieval Times has special packages for those interested in engaging. It was truly a magical night to remember for the rest of our lives.

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