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Couple: Hannah & David
Proposal Date: 08/22/2008
Proposal Location: Laguna Beach,
CA, United States
Wedding Date: 05/30/2009
Wedding Location: Colton,
CA, United States
Our Proposal Story: The Day He Proposed
It was on a summer day in August. We both got this Friday off and so he suggested that we go to the beach one last time before summer ends. So we hung around several different beaches like Crystal Cove, and San Juan Capistrano. HE then took me out to dinner in Laguna Beach. Afterwards we were looking for a place to hang out and just walk along the beach, and it was sunset at the time. So we show up at the Montage Resort in Laguna beach, and we find a place to park. Then he got out his camera and we took a walk along the garden pathway at the resort. We come the shore of the beach, and start walking along there, when we approached a rock archway. We then proceeded under the archway, and crossed some rocks, where we came upon an empty part of the beach, that was completely eclosed. He set his camera down on the sand and began writing. He wrote W L OU AR M and then filled in the letters, and it said: Will You Marry Me? He knelt to one knee next to the question mark, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him. The next thing I know, I am crying from such joy, and hugging him like crazy and continualing saying yes to him. We had talked about marriage, but both agreed we would wait until November. So it really came as a big shock to me. He also had asked for my parents permission a month before the proposal.
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