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Couple: J & M
Proposal Date: 06/25/2011
Proposal Location: Over Manhattan Beach, CA,
CA, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: She screamed through the headphones...then said 'yes'
I'd been planning to propose to my girlfriend for the past few months and were piecing together the ideas I'd thought of. Working with the incredible Ms. Beth at, I had a beautiful ring built as I finalized my proposal plans.

The day began like many other Saturday mornings...Breakfast on the beach and a short walk following. I had mentioned that there was something I'd been meaning for us to do and that the afternoon was a good day for it. I had to push a little as she thought I was up to my usual antics that would keep her from what she needed to get done that afternoon. As we approached the small municipal airport and she saw the helicopter, she got very concerned as she's not too keen on flying in small planes, let alone helicopters. After the first 5 minutes, she calmed (I certainly wasn't though) and we spent the next hour on a tour of the costal areas and city of Los Angeles. Knowing she would want to locate my place, the pilot took us near on our way back to the airport in an attempt to 'bait.' She promptly stated we were close the house to which the pilot requested her to guidance to locate. As we flew overhead, she read the the 10' X 4' banner that I had made in her favorite color and placed on the roof. She was completely taken off-guard and began screaming into our headphones, "Oh, my god! Oh, my god!"...then exclaimed, "YES!"

Th- e next morning, I had her and my parents meet us for a surprise brunch in Newport Beach. A weekend to be remembered...

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