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Couple: Luis & Eva
Proposal Date: 04/06/2011
Proposal Location:
CA, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
CA, United States
Our Proposal Story: Teacher Proposal
Me and my girlfriend had been dating seriously and were coming up on our 1 year anniversary.Since the first time I saw her I knew she was the love of my life. You see, I first met Eva at her job where she is an elementary school teacher. I was there doing a presentation to her 4th grade class during career day and I knew I would be marrying that woman.

I had the ring but I wanted to propose to her on our 1 year anniversary in a unique and creative way. I knew that it had to be in in someway involving her job as a teacher and the fact that we first met in her classroom. So I decided to contact her boss (Principal) and ask permission to propose to her in front of her students, friends, and colleagues. I made 8x12 flash cards and in each card wrote each individual letter to spell out, "Will You Marry Me?". I had the principal call her into her office while her co-workers helped me out with the students in preparing them. Each of her students held a card as they stood in a line up against the back wall of the classroom.

We then awaited for Eva's arrival back at the classroom. Once Eva walked in, I gave her students the signal and they held each card to their chest. Eva was amazingly shocked as I dropped to one knee and took out her ring. She immediately began to cry and said, "YES". Afterward, I gave her a custom t-shirt I had made which said, "I said, Yes" to the front and had each of her students sign their name on the t-shirt.

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