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Couple: Kim & Quan
Proposal Date: 04/08/2012
Proposal Location:
TN, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location: United States
Our Proposal Story: Final Round at the Masters!
I have been with this man for a little over 5 years and we have been through so much and are best friends. I am a single mom of one and have pretty much figured I had definitely found the man I wanted to marry once I met Quan. He was always skeptical of marriage but on this particular Sunday we left our hotel to head to the 2012 Masters tournament. As we parked I noticed nothing out of the ordinary but as we walked in the gates Quan was particularly "lovey-dovey" as we walked in. Needless to say I love him and enjoyed us sharing this time at this beautiful place together as it was, but then we walked over to "amen corner" between holes 12 and 13 after players had teed off and he was standing behind me talking. As he slowly changed the conversation to "our future children" he then asked me if I was sure I eventually wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and of course I laughed and said yes, as I had many times before, just hoping he was going to ask, but then he turned me around and in front of a huge crowd there in amen corner, he got down on one knee shaking and said well, before we start on a family, will you marry me!!?? I was in complete shock of course and looked down and said "are you serious!?" And still shaking he said uh, yes. So, after 5 years, I quietly uttered yes, yes as the golfers were teeing off close to us and then the close crowd clapped for us! It was the best moment of my life! I get to marry my best friend and a man I have experienced so much with and been through so much with in a long time. Wow, and not to mention, the person I wanted to win the Masters actually won (Bubba Watson). This was the best Easter Sunday ever, after he proposed we said a little prayer in Amen corner and shared a beautiful embrace of all the feelings we had of the excitement together! I was still in shock after we left. I will remember that day forever.
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