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Couple: Hillary & Andrew
Proposal Date: 02/03/2013
Proposal Location: Reykjavik,
Wedding Date: 08/01/2016
Wedding Location: Finger Lakes,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Surprise Getaway to Iceland
In early January Andrew asked me if I was busy the weekend of February 1st. I said no, and he asked if I could be to NYC by noon on the 1st. I asked him what he had planned, and like always, he said it was a surprise. To help ease my anxiety he agreed to give me one hint per week. The first hint was to pack warm clothes, snow pants, and a heavy jacket. The second hint was song lyrics to Aurora by Bjork. The third hint was to only buy a one-way bus ticket to NYC. The final hint was to bring my passport.

After collecting all the hints I thought I had it all figured out: clearly we were going to Canada! Where else would be go for a weekend?! So on Friday the 1st we are in the cab to JFK and we pull up outside of AirCanada. We then walk to the IcelandAir airlines. Yes, Iceland. Iceland! The country of Iceland! We quickly called my mom, who Andrew had shared all this info with the week before. Turns out my mom knew the whole time and didnt tell me!

We arrive in Iceland at 7 AM their time. Andrew rented out an apartment for the weekend on the main street in Reykjavik, which I believe is the capital of Iceland. We slept for about 5 hours and then spent the day walking around Reykjavik. Around 5 PM he tells me to put on my snow stuff, but he still wont tell me what were doing. We walk to a place called Artic Adventures where we wait for another couple and our tour guide. Once everyone arrives we hop in a van and the guide says Are you guys ready to go cave hunting?! We ended up driving into the middle of Iceland and spent about 2 hours exploring this gorgeous cave in between the mountains. After the cave we were supposed to see the Northern Lights, but it was snowing too much and they werent visible.

On Sunday our plan was to go to Blue Lagoon where the water is about 100 degrees and pure blue (from the sulfur from the mountains). We drive along the coast of Iceland for a bit on our way there and we stopped to take some pictures. I start taking pictures and turn aroundand he is down on one knee! I initially thought he fellhaha! He pulled out a ring and proposed! It was absolutely beautiful! I started crying and said yes right away! We spent the rest of the day at Blue Lagoon until our flight left at 5. We flew into Boston Andrew picked Boston so I could get home to Albany quicker than going to JFK in NYC.

The entire weekend was absolutely magical with every detailed planned and prepared. He even asked my mom for her permission to propose the week before and told her all about the trip. Every moment of the weekend was perfect, and I am so happy to be engaged to him. He is such an inspiring person, and I am truly excited (and relieved) that I will be spending the rest of my life with him by my side. Every person that we have told has been very supportive, and that means the world to both of us. I will never forget this weekend, and I am so excited for whatever the future will bring us!

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