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Modern and simple, this platinum wedding ring features a subtle burnished-set diamond for a little touch of sparkle.
Timeless and feminine, these diamond earrings feature round diamonds framed in a halo design of 14k 玫瑰金 with secure leverbacks.
Classic and colorful, this tri-color pendant features 14k white, rose, and yellow gold textured rings strung from a elegant 14k gold cable chain.
A true classic, this 18 inch polished snake chain necklace is a light weight yet bold look to add to your jewelry wardrobe, finished with a toggle clasp.
这款卡镶项链永恒而时尚,是一款完美的礼物。可以雕刻最多 12 个字母的名字或词组,增添个人色彩。
这对三排密钉钻石圈形耳环奢华而璀璨,为您的容颜更添经典的魅惑之感。这款饰物以18k 白金精制,在每个闭锁的背面镶有一颗精选级胭脂粉蓝宝石。
Striking in beauty, these hoop earrings feature princess cut sapphire gemstones and brilliant diamond set in 14k 白金, a classic accessory for any ensemble.
这对垫形铯柱石宝石耳环由闪烁的圆形钻光环环绕,精巧嵌入14k 玫瑰金中,使所有服饰都更加闪闪生辉。
This platinum ring showcases a half circle of brilliant pavé-set diamonds that would complement any engagement ring.
Vibrant pink sapphires are surrounded by sparkling micropavé diamonds in these elegant drop earrings, framed in 18k 白金.
Vibrant color is captured in these exquisite gemstone and diamond earrings, showcasing pear 粉红宝石 gemstones framed by a dazzling halo of pavé-set diamonds in 18k 白金.
Lively in color, this halo pendant features an pear-shaped pink sapphire framed by pavé-set round diamonds in 18k 白金.
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A true statement of elegance, this Italian crafted mesh bracelet is the perfect staple for every day wear.这款首饰由 14k 金锻造,由盒式扣环作最后润饰以最大程度地确保安全,一定会给人留下深刻印象。
A beautiful complement, these pearl and gemstone stud earrings feature freshwater cultured pearls paired with white sapphire pavé.这对耳环以14k 白金锻造,完美配衬任何装扮。
This stunning eternity band features Blue Nile 精选级理想型切割 diamonds for maximum brilliance set in a low profile setting that is comfortable for everyday wear.Each ring is accompanied by a GCAL report.
这对高雅的珍珠耳环镶有两颗淡水养珠,并以多颗框镶于14k 白金的闪亮圆形钻作点缀,经典至极。
这对珍珠与白蓝宝石吊式耳环以14k 白金制成,闪耀生辉,是必备的日常首饰。
这款华丽的宝石项链镶有一颗青葱的石榴石,精巧嵌入璀璨的14k 金中,闪耀无尽光芒,完美配衬任何珍品。
The perfect complement to any collection, this beautiful gemstone necklace shines bright with a lush semi-precious black onyx gemstone set in striking 14k 金.
Keep your memories close to your heart with this classic locket forged in 14k 金.
Crafted in sterling silver, this bold layered statement necklace is beautifully detailed with smooth and rope links to create an impressive look.
这款意大利制作经典穿珠手链展现圆形设计,是必备的手链饰品。Worn by itself or stacked with multiple bracelets, you are sure to impress with this piece.
这款意大利制作14k 金链式手链的线绳及光滑链扣完美搭配任何造型及装扮,简约而经典。Layer this chunky bracelet with any wrist stack.
Make a bold statement with this Italian crafted chunky braided bracelet forged in 14k 金.Sure to impress and will be a cherished addition to any collection.
这款宝石与钻石戒指饰有一颗丰润蓝色的绿宝石,由镶入 14k 白金的多颗闪亮微密钉钻石环绕,璀璨至极。
Make a statement with these unique earrings, featuring garnet gemstones framed in 14k 金.
A beautiful complement, this pearl and precious gemstone pendant features freshwater cultured pearl with white sapphire pavé.Forged in 14k 白金, this pendant is finished off lobster clasp closure.
Dazzle in these stud earrings that feature freshwater cultured pearl wrapped in a woven basket of white sapphire pave.These classic earrings can be dressed up and down and worn for any occasion.
Show off a classic with these cultured pearl earrings framed in sterling silver and finished off with elegant rope detailing.
Make a statement with these bezel drop earrings, featuring bright blue topaz gemstones framed in 14k 白金.
Make a statement with these bezel drop earrings, featuring rich garnet gemstones framed in 14k 白金.
Make a statement with these bezel drop earrings, featuring rich amethyst gemstones framed in 14k 白金.
Make a statement with these unique earrings, featuring black onyx framed in 14k 金.
这款红宝石及钻石戒指备有一颗椭圆形红宝石,由三十二颗密钉镶圆形钻框镶,镶入18k 白金中,色彩十分丰富。
Petite and stylish, this modern basic stud is a fun update on an every day earring.
这款宝石与钻石戒指饰有一颗丰润蓝色的蓝宝石,由镶入14k 玫瑰金的多颗闪亮微密钉钻石环绕,璀璨至极。
Layer in style with this chunky infinity necklace in sterling silver.
Finish off your ensemble with this layered sterling silver bracelet, featuring roped and smooth links in sterling silver.
这款吊坠饰有一颗亮丽的坦桑石宝石,由多颗镶入14k 白金中的微密钉镶圆形钻作框镶,附有一条配衬的缆绳链项链,设计精巧。
Lively in color, this halo ring features an oval pink sapphire framed by pavé-set round diamonds in 18k rose gold.
这对靓丽的蓝宝石耳环由微密钉钻石光环作完美配衬,框镶于14k 白金中,精致而华丽。
这款缟玛瑙和钻石项链饰有适合任何场合的吊坠,以14k 白金锻造,可层叠或单独配戴。
Classic and simple, this platinum wedding ring features a knife-edge motif surrounding the ring with a 18k yellow gold signature plate embedded on the inside of the ring.
Elevate your style with the elegance of these diamond spiral drop earrings, framed in 18k yellow gold.
Sure to impress, this elegant diamond spiral necklace framed in 18k yellow gold is the perfect wardrobe addition for any occasion.
Simply chic, this long chain necklace is crafted in sterling silver that can be worn long or double wrapped.
Modern with a flare of vintage, this sterling silver three row bracelet is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.
Be bold with this chic and trend-right arrow bracelet.Featuring an delicate design, it is a perfectly stylish accessory that complements any outfit.
Extraordinary elegance, this platinum ring showcases a vibrant 4.27 carat cushion-cut sapphire nestled between scintillating trillion diamond side stones.
这款钻石项链镶有多颗密钉镶圆形钻,精巧嵌入微微弯曲的长条14k 金设计中,附有一条配衬的缆绳链,闪亮别致。项链长度可调整为 16 或 18 英寸。
这款迷你钻石圆形手链沿着14k 金缆绳链镶有不对称的圆形小饰物,精巧闪亮。
这对迷你钻石耳钉耳环镶有多颗圆形钻,以密钉镶方式嵌入14k 金的方形设计中,永恒别致。
这对迷你钻石耳钉耳环镶有多颗圆形钻,以密钉镶方式嵌入14k 白金的星星设计中,永恒别致。
这款缆绳链手链饰有一个精巧嵌入 14k 白金的时髦密钉镶钻石长条,成为大众焦点。
Chunky and bold, this Italian crafted necklace is a must for any wardrobe.这款首饰以14k 金锻造,适合配衬任何风格。
Shimmer and dazzle with this Italian crafted petite diamond cut necklace forged in 14k 金.
Two Italian crafted high polished 14k 金 rings are linked together to form this everyday staple necklace.The cable chain allows the rings to move freely around for a playful look.
Lightweight and chic, this Italian crafted rondel beaded necklace is the perfect accessory to finish off any look.Forged in 14k 金 and finished with a lobster prong clasp.
Elevate your style with this beautiful Italian crafted statement necklace forged in high polish 18k yellow gold.This graduated bead necklace pairs well with any style and you are sure to impress at any gathering with this classic collectable.
A wardrobe basic, this Italian crafted long circle station necklace is a must for your jewelry collection.Worn long or layered, it is sure to work with your style.
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