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We hate the ring.

The quality was poor on the ring and I won't recommend it to anybody.

ANONYMOUS - January 2016


Perfect, Was a replacement for my old ring. My stone fell out.


see prior comment


please use my comments in the previous page.

JAMES, PLAYA DEL REY CA - January 2016

She loves the necklace!

Very pleased with the product, she's very happy. One question, I ordered the 18-inch chain and it's too long. Is there a possibility of exchanging it for the shorter chain?

ANONYMOUS - January 2016

We liked it very much, we only asked if we can change the size because it was samll

ANONYMOUS - January 2016

Still deciding if we'll return the ring

Yellowish tint

ANONYMOUS - December 2015

Beautiful Loved it

Very nice but why no Yellow gold, or Ruby Pendants in Denmark???


Same as anove

Ask me after Christmas


She was so please and so my self. every thing was as we expected. thanks.


Don't look for the perfect ring, look for the perfect ring for your loved one.


I love the earrings.

I love silver and or white gold. Don't wear yellow gold much any more. I wear alot of silver. They are perfect.

ANONYMOUS - December 2015

Present not yet received

Received as shown

TERRY, SUGAR LAND TX - November 2015

Good gift for a small child

For the price, a sweet, tiny locket. It would be awesome if the customer could submit a JPG image to be inserted in the locket at the time of purchase.


The posts should be thinner

ANONYMOUS - November 2015

I love the setting, and I think the stone will be spectacular when I can see it outside.

Since i have not given it yet, I have had few opportunities to take it out and look at it. I think the H colour was not what I expected, but it could be different when I get it out of the case into sunlight.

ANONYMOUS - November 2015

My niece is very happy to see her engage ring, appreciated with my help

beautiful, just as I expect,

YLAN, KENT WA - November 2015

Fit like the one that I lost. Perfect

PAUL, LEANDER TX - November 2015

I do think that some narrative describing the differences between similar rings would be helpful. How does midweight compare to other rings. What does comfort fit mean? Etc.

ANONYMOUS - November 2015

she loves the ring, thanks

FENGZHI, BEIJING  - October 2015

Love it!!!!!

Very happy with the purchase. Purple is my favourite colour, had been looking for a purple ring for a long time. Good price with the $50 off. Perhaps blue nile can have it with white gold?

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

It appealed to me most.

Hmm i dont know about others but i knew it was the ring for me when i first saw it - i must have looked at about 20 shopping centre jewellery store for a ring and browsed about 10 online jewellery stores for a ring - i bought this one because it appealed to me the most.


Turned out very well

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

She was very excited about the ring and loved it, said it was just what she wanted.

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

These were a gift to my daughter. I knew she would love them.

I had a hard time making up my mind on the sterling silver earrings. Loved them all.

ANONYMOUS - October 2015

The stone fell out on the first ring. If you see my records, you will see that I bought it a second time. So far the second ring is beautiful and well made.

ANONYMOUS - September 2015

Amazing stone for the price

Stone is amazing. Only complaint I have is it's mounted a little crooked in setting.


I love it


Nice package

Nice package, same as picture, not too big or too small, the price is lower than local stores, but they forgot my gift card so I have to buy it by myself. Gems are not Blue Nile's main products, next time maybe try to buy a diamond.

ANONYMOUS - July 2015

Everything came in as expected


Blue Nile - easy to shop and purchase. Always great products.

ANONYMOUS - July 2015

She Loves her new 2.00 diamond!

We will be back to order our wedding bands.


Great Experience

The ring was perfect...and so was Blue Nile. I actually purchased 4 different rings before I got it right...but Blue Nile Customer Service was patient and understanding...do yourself a favour and work with these guys...you will not be disappointed.


Ideal Cut Impressive

Delivery was prompt. I was impressed by the brilliance of the ideal cut diamond. For better clarity all diamonds should be viewable on the Blue Nile website, not only those with signature ideal cuts.


Excellent product! Needs recommendation for printing small pictures.

The locket itself is fantastic! It was really hard to figure out how to print a quality picture that was the right size to fit in the locket. They do provide a template so you can cut the picture the right size, but it was difficult to figure out how small to shrink a picture for it to be the size of the template. The first time we printed it, the quality was awful. We ended up paying a designer to shrink it to the right size while maintaining quality. Is there any way Blue Nile could provide step by step instructions, an online tool, or a link to an online tool that would streamline this process? We are going to want to print new pictures for the locket at least once a year. I would love to be able to quickly do this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.


she loves it

everything went well, delivered as expected, everything was in order. very good.

ANONYMOUS - June 2015

Chain was all tangled up. Took me an hour to fix. I don't have an hour to screw with these problems,


She loved the engagement ring!

The customer service was superb when dealing with my particular arrangements that needed to be made. I found the website to be very easy to use and helpful in making my final selection. Thanks.

DEREK, WARREN TX - June 2015

It would be great if you could offer the pre set stones in another choice of clarity and colour.


Usually i done have time to submitt feed back to companies but i was so pleased with the quality if your diamonds i just had to let you know im actually looking fowardto ger next birthday

My ex wife loves the sparkle in her rock



it's a little bit bigger than i tried in the shopping mall

ANONYMOUS - June 2015

Stone is ok. Size of the ring is wrong. I ordered 5.5. It is actually 6.

ANONYMOUS - June 2015

Great Job guys...


Ed an Lori helped me design my perfect ring they really knew their stuff I am so glad I went out on a limb and took their advice!!!

Smaller than the photos, very beautiful

ANONYMOUS - May 2015

I cannot find a satisfactory loose pink diamond from Blue Nile. This is not a postable item.

My gift receipient was estactic with the gift and that was enough for her.


Great working with Blue Nile customer service to find a diamond that was available and able to make it to my house in time for a gift. Thanks so much

ANONYMOUS - January 2015

She said "yes"....

This ring exceeded my expectations! Absolutely gorgeous!!! The purchase process was above and beyond any I've ever experienced. Picking out a diamond with every one of you diamond experts was an absolute pleasure; they were knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and never in a hurry to get off the phone. I would never have made a purchase this large on line if I hadn't heard so many rave reviews from others, and now I know they were absolutely right and I would re om end you guys to anyone!


This bracelet is magnificent -- high quality diamonds of exceptional colour set in a premium grade platinum setting. The price was very fair vs. local jewellers in my area, although none had a 10 caret tennis bracelet in stock when I went to price compare and no local jeweller carried the diamond quality I was seeking in such a bracelet which made price comparison understandably difficult. Bottomline: I trust Blue Nile and know, first-hand, with other former Blue Nile diamond purchases that local jewellers cannot beat Blue Nile prices because jewellers have confided that to me on previous occasions when I wanted to buy from my local jewellers instead. I firmly believe Blue Nile prices can't be beat, and they stand behind their diamond gradings -- honest and ethical. I have not been "burned", and I fully expect to make future purchases through Blue Nile even though I could easily go into NYC's diamond district instead.


Just what he was looking for!

He wanted a ring that isn't not too flashy but somewhat unique. He also wanted it to be a strong metal that didn't easily scratch and wasn't too expensive. I was worried that the ring might look inexpensive, but I was wrong. We both love this ring and it fit all his requirements. We also bought my engagement ring on Blue Nile and both rings and the service both times were fantastic! Also you get a 10% discount on wedding bands if you purchased the engagement ring through Blue Nile.

LEE, FARMVILLE VA - March 2014


It had been 38 years since I got my original half-carat emerald cut engagement ring so when we decided to replace it with a new ring with a larger emerald cut diamond, I needed some brushing up on my diamond knowledge. The education section of the Blue Nile site told me everything I needed to know, and I went to the Build Your Own Ring section and started the fun process of picking the diamond with the characteristics most important to me. I chose the Tapered Cathedral setting in platinum and the Signature Ideal cut in order to get the most sparkle from the diamond, yet I was still absolutely astounded at how FABULOUS this diamond was when I first laid eyes on it! As my husband put it, on a scale of 1-10 this stone is a 15! I've never seen an emerald cut diamond this gorgeous. I'm totally thrilled with the ring, the price, and the entire purchase experience.

SUE, IRMO SC - March 2014