Blue Nile Glossary
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  Bank Wire:  
  Blue Nile applies a 1.5% discount to your order when you use a bank wire. Please Note: Some financial institutions charge a fee for using a bank wire.

After you place an order and select bank wire as your method of payment, Blue Nile will provide the necessary account information to successfully transfer funds from your account into a Blue Nile account.

A bank wire may take the bank up to two business days to process, so Blue Nile will keep your order on hold for those two business days. Once your bank has transferred the funds, Blue Nile is notified and your purchase is processed. Please note an ACH transfer is not the same as a wire transfer. ACH transfers are not accepted at this time.

If you have any questions about the steps involved in a bank wire, contact your bank or call Blue Nile customer service at 00353 1 899 1351 from Slovenia, 0800 206 1160 from the United Kingdom, or 00353 1 899 1351 for all other EU countries.


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