Types of Men's and Women's Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring GuideChoosing a wedding band can be far simpler than finding the perfect engagement ring. It's really just a question of choosing your colour and selecting a comfortable width.
The traditional way for a woman to wear her wedding ring is on the same finger as the engagement ring but positioned first, so it's closer to the heart. If you choose this tradition, consider how the rings will look together in terms of colour and width.

To Match or Complement?

To Match or Complement? There are no hard rules about whether or not her wedding band should be the same metal as her engagement ring. Many women like the symmetry of two identically matching rings, others prefer the look of two distinctive bands of colour. Of course, you could even choose a platinum band to go with a white gold engagement ring—it's all personal preference.

The same rules apply when you are deciding whether to match or complement each other's wedding bands. It is perfectly acceptable to prefer a different metal than your spouse. To be sure you'll enjoy your rings for the years ahead, just choose rings that you love.

Traditional and Comfort-Fit Wedding Bands

Illustration of Traditional and Comfort-Fit Wedding Bands Getting the right fit involves more than just careful sizing, you should also consider the general design of the ring. At Blue Nile, you have your choice of traditional or comfort-fit wedding bands. The traditional band has a flat interior surface and simple domed exterior. The comfort-fit band has slightly rounded inside edges to enable more comfortable long-term wear.

The Perfect Width

When selecting the width of her wedding band, consider the width of her engagement ring. While it's perfectly acceptable if the two are of different widths, many women seem to prefer an identical or at least similar width. Again, it's a matter of personal preference.

Illustration of Ring Width

At Blue Nile, men's wedding bands are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6mm widths. When selecting your width, consider the shape of your hand. Is your hand long and narrow or short and broad? Generally, your ring should match the shape of your hand. Narrow bands work best on narrow hands while broad bands are better for broad hands, but the bottom line is always personal preference.