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As part of our jeweler for life commitment, we’ve partnered with Mondiamo to bring you a diamond buyback program that’s simple and guaranteed. Get an offer now
It Couldn't Be Easier
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Provide your information and a Mondiamo representative will contact you (no later than the next business day).
Pack and ship your diamond jewelry
Once you approve your offer, Mondiamo will provide free, insured shipping instructions. All you need to do is drop your item at your nearest FedEx® office.
Get paid
Once the product is examined and confirmed, Mondiamo will provide a full valuation and immediately wire you the funds.

For more details, call a Diamond & Jewelry Consultant at 888 565 7641 or visit to learn more.*

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Why Mondiamo?
  • Their exclusive access to diamond market pricing data means higher buyback offers for you.

  • They'll walk you through their offer and explain how they came up with a fair proposal.

  • Cash typically received in your account 2-4 business days after sending a diamond for inspection.
With exceptional customer service, no obligation to accept an offer, and free, insured shipping, why not?
What type of jewelry does Mondiamo accept?
Mondiamo provide offers for loose diamonds and set diamond jewelry, as long as the piece contains at least one diamond equal to, or larger in weight than 0.3ct.
How much can I expect to receive for my diamond jewelry?
Mondiamo's offers are based on your diamond’s current market value. They will provide you with a minimum guaranteed cash offer and transparently show you how they evaluated your item.
Does my diamond need to have certain grading reports to be eligible for an offer?
No, As long as your jewelry contains at least one diamond with a 0.3ct weight or larger, Mondiamo can provide you with an offer.
Are there any fees or costs associated with a Mondiamo offer?
No, Mondiamo’s offers are provided free of charge and obligation, so you can decide to accept or decline them.
How do I ship my diamond jewelry to Mondiamo?
It’s simple and free! Mondiamo will send you a shipping kit that includes the instructions & materials necessary to securely package your diamond jewelry. All you need to do is print the pre-paid shipping label and either drop the package off at the nearest FedEx location or arrange for pickup from your desired location.
Is it safe to send an expensive diamond jewelry piece with a courier?
Absolutely! Mondiamo partnered with FedEx and Brinks to ensure that shipments are fast, secure, and insured. And yes, Mondiamo will cover all shipping and insurance costs.
When can I expect to be paid?
Once Mondiamo receives and reviews your product, they will promptly confirm their offer, and either wire the funds or send you a check. Bank wires typically appear in your account within 2-4 business days.
What happens if I've lost my diamond grading report?
Mondiamo will need the original diamond grading report and it must be returned in reusable condition. If you do not have the original, or it has been damaged, Mondiamo will reprint it for a nominal fee.
Can I still receive an offer if I don’t have my grading report?
To provide you with a next-day offer, Mondiamo would require your grading report number. If you don’t have it, you can still receive an offer by shipping your item to Mondiamo, at no cost and with no obligations. Just fill in your contact details and a diamond specialist will contact you promptly.