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High Flight
I asked my girlfriend to take a trip to Key West, FL for New Years to hang out with a few of my friends. As a Navy Pilot, I wanted to share my passion with her and decided to book a Sea plane ride with Tropic Ocean Airways. After throwing her in the copilot seat we took a scenic 30 minute trip up the keys to a small island off 7 mile bridge and made a water landing. We set anchor and waded to shore to have a picnic on the secluded beach. We eventually made our way back towards Key West where I had another pilot from Key West Biplane towing a banner that read "will you marry me!" In hind sight, it would have been best to put Amanda's name on the banner, I feel sorry for all the guys down on the beach who's girlfriends had been waiting for their special moment and must have been screaming YES, YES, YES! Amanda did say yes as I fumbled to find her beautiful ring out of the seat pocket.

It was a lot of fun to do a formation flight with the sea plane and bi-plane pulling the banner. Even the other pilots and control tower congratulated us over the radio. Thank you Rob at Tropic Ocean Airways and Ray at Key West Biplane for sharing this amazing adventure with us!

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