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It was magical!
It was about 4:30 on Christmas and we had just arrived at the Disneyland Hotel. Kevin was checking in while I was trying to call my sister. I looked over and noticed the girl behind the counter grinning like crazy. I thought it odd, but it was only just beginning! The VIP host that greeted us to "show" us the suite was friendly and charming, and gave us no idea what we were in for! We walked up to the 11th floor and down past a few regular creme hotel doors to see two large wooden plank she rang the door bell, we could hear...Yo Ho, Yo Ho...a Pirates life for me. She opened the door and for the first time in the next few hours, I couldn't breathe. It was amazing. The Pirate Suite? It was just less than 2000 square feet of luxury and exquisite detail. The dining room held and amazing eight top plank table. The guest suite was beautiful…and then the master suite…it was breath taking! There were stairs for the bed! I was so excited I just kept running around. There was even a desk and computer and bar…Can’t wait to show you the pictures! She let us catch our breath and then showed us the suite from the main foyer to the guest room to the dining room and sitting room and masters chambers. Soon after, Kevin said it was time to get ready for our special Christmas dinner. We got dressed and walked over to the Grand Californian and had a glass of wine in the lounge. We headed up in the elevator to the sixth floor...the sixth floor? That was also odd I was thinking... We walked out and were greeted by Julie, and a single table out on a balcony overlooking the park. The food was amazing, and there wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t breathless…the surprises just kept coming and coming and the night was perfect. After desert and during what should have been the fireworks...Kevin got down on his knee, handed me a glass slipper (with the most beautiful ring inside) and asked me to be his princess forever…seriously, his princess forever. The entire night was a fairy tale!

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