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Pulled Over and Frustrated
It was the weekend prior to holloween. I had my girlfriend coming over to go out to a costume party (her costume was at my place). I live in a very small town and personally know the Chief of Police, and am a former police officer from a neighboring city. I asked the chief if he would set up a traffic stop with my girlfriend. He agreed. So the officer and I waited and waited at the only four way stop "The only blinking light". We spotted her car and initiated a traffic stop. I was sitting in the passanger seat and my cell phone immediately starting ringing(and of course I sent her to voicemail). As the officer made contact with my girlfriend I slipped out of the car and hide behind her car. The officer pretended to check her license. He then asked her to step out to the rear of the vehicle. I then popped out with 2 dozen hot pink roses(her favorite color), and asked the question. She said yes, and was relieved that she wasn't going to jail(under the reckless driving false pretense). It was an emotional roller coaster. It was all caught on tape.
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