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Bagpipes & Bling!
I thought Scott went into the office for a couple hours based on an email from his boss asking him to come in on a Sunday. But he sent me a text at 3pm telling me that he wasn't in the office and that there was a letter in my desk and to read it. The letter asked if I were ready to go on the ultimate adventure and that there would be a series of clues that would lead me to different locations each with another clue & card. Oh and I should "dress up" and when I was ready to leave to open the 1st card with the 1st clue. The first card read "Do Something Everyday That Scares You" and told me to go to the "place where it almost never began" (long story) which was The Barley House in downtown Concord where we first met. When I arrived there my mother was there (because it wasn't open yet) and she gave me a rose and the 2nd card. The 2nd card instructed me to go to the place where we had our 2nd date and where I discovered the "kid in you" (meaning Scott). That was Cotton in Manchester and when I arrived there, the hostess had two roses and the 3rd card which, read "Love as though you've never been hurt before" (I was previously engaged to a police officer who died in the line of duty only weeks before the wedding). The clue in the 3rd card said to go the place "where the fireflies and the butterflies mingled" and where "I said 'it' for the first time". That had to be Firefly, his favorite bistro where he told me "I think I'm falling for you" at almost the same moment I was about to tell him that! The hostess there gave me another card with 3 roses. The 4th card read "Life is slippery, here take my hand" and instructed me to go to the place where "we celebrated like it was 1964" so that had to be my birthday dinner at the Bedford Village Inn a few miles away. When I arrived there, I was greeted by a girl who turned out to be their wedding coordinator (although I didn't know that at the time) along with what seemed like half the inn staff. She gave me the last card and 4 more roses. The last card read "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be". She escorted me out into the garden area of the inn's beautiful grounds and said "stand here and don't move". I was completely confused and even more so when I realized my best friend Jill was there with a camera! "Why am I standing out here and why are you here?!?!" but she wouldn't answer me. Then I heard the sound of a full contingent of bagpipers and drummers and turned to see the NH Police Association Pipes & Drums marching into the garden area. Five pipers, three drummers in their full dress kilts and uniforms! By this point, many guests from the inn's restaurant and the staff had come out to watch when Scott strolled in and proposed to me and presented me with a beautiful 1ct ring! Then the pipers marched off as the inn guests applauded!
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