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The BIG surprise!
I knew from our 4th or 5th date that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Leigh. There was something magical about that night where we both just clicked, enjoyed each other, had great communication, and realized we were both falling in love. From that day forward I started looking for rings because I knew I would eventually ask her to be my wife. I had many things running through my mind on ways I was going to propose to her and sometimes I would lay in bed at night thinking of the perfect way to ask her to marry me. Then I thought with the time being fall there would be no perfect place to propose than the Dallas Arboretum! I knew the ring that I ordered from Blue Nile was not going to be delivered until October 5th so I wanted to propose to her on my Dad's 60th birthday which was October 6th. My next move would be getting her to go there without it being my suggestion to keep it a total surprise.......hint Steve! I knew Steve was flying in to visit for 2 weeks on the 5th so I started communicating with him weeks prior so that he could suggest on going to the Arboretum. So the morning came and I was nervous and not sure how the day would unfold. I knew 100% she would say yes, I was just unsure of the actual location on where I would do it. So walking around the Arboretum I was scoping out places that I could pop the question and for the first 45 minutes no place was coming to me. Then funny enough, Leigh chose to go down this little path and once I walked down, saw this lush green grassy area, flowers everywhere, lake with sail boats in the background, I knew that this was the place! I handed my phone to Steve for pics then I grabbed Leigh's hands, called her by her full name then expressed my feelings to her and how I could not picture my life without her. Most of it was blurry but for a second it felt like time stood still and I was the happiest guy in the world. She said Yes!
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