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Perfect Prosopal from one cool cat...
I am so excited to tell this story because it was the best day of my life. My finance, then boyfriend, and I were on our way to Iceland for work. We work both as anthropologists with a deep desire to learn more about the culture throughout the world. I thought we were going just for work, boy was I surprised! :) We headed off to Iceland with our team. The country of Iceland was absolutely beautiful, like you know how people says its covered in ice, no its really not its actually kinda green. On our fourth day, Rocky took me up a mountain to this village whose people we were to study. Upon reaching a certain point, Rocky said there was no village, I was very confused and scared. Rocky then took off his backpack and took out a blanket and food for a romantic! After eating some delicious food Rocky prepared.,,,he made fish and then we had some party mix...we just watched the sunset. He turned to me, I gazed into his yellowish eyes, his pupils were really big so I knew something was up. He told me to stand up, both standing he grabbed my good hand and said I was his everything. I was getting butterfly's in my stomach, like angry butterfly's. He got on one knee and proposed...I cried and screamed YES!!! I'm surprised Rocky didn't go deaf. The ring was a beautiful Blue Nile platinum ring...yea I'm that kind of gal. We laid on the blanket for a while,,,I rubbed the white patch amongst his beautiful gray hair. I was so happy, the man of my dreams proposed to me. I though Rocky was sneaky for this little trip, a real cool cat about the whole thing, then I thought nope he is just my future Husband and current work partner.
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