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She was NOT happy... Until.
I ordered the ring sometime in September and received the ring in October. It wasn't until November that I proposed to her, so I had the ring for nearly two months.

Anyways, the day that I asked her father if I could marry her (October 6th I think) was the day that I wrecked my motorcycle. It was really quite weird, and emotional (of course she didnt know that I had asked her father).

At this time Ashley had already graduated from where we met, Wartburg College, and moved to Des Moines where I am originally from. I however, had not yet graduated yet and constantly made the trek home to see her (2 hours).

It wasn't until I convinced her to return to Waverly with me since she had two days off from work that I decided to propose (on the car drive up).

I had been constructing a compilation of photos for a frame that I was going to use to propose. It was a combination of photos of objects that made out letters (M, A, R, R, Y, M, E).

I left my apartment at 12:15 a.m and told her I needed to grab my pillow from my car (which I did) and took off for the college. I sent her a text message telling her to come find me using her find my friends app on our iPhones.

It ended up bringing her all the way to the outdoor track where we had first met during flag football (we both ran track at Wartburg as well). She climbed the stairs to the balcony overlooking the track to find the picture frame sitting there.

Although she was extremely pissed to have had to be in the frigid Iowa weather and had some difficulty reading the picture frame in the dark, she said yes!

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