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"There's one more Surprise!" = Best day of my life :)
Just a little bit of info to have the setting right. My fiance and I are both from Texas. However, I work in St. Louis currently and I chose to propose to her on her birthday weekend when she came up to visit me! (mostly because I had always promised her that I wouldn't propose to her on her birthday, and I didnt! It was two days before lol) Well anyways, she was coming to stay with me for the weekend and all she knew is that I was taking her somewhere. It remained a surprise all the way until the day of the proposal, and when I say she was clueless, I truly mean it!! <p> Sooo, the day started at 2:15 A.M. when I awoke Kelly and told her she needed to get ready because we'd be leaving at 3:30 and no later! She still had no idea where we were going, but she eagerly got out of bed and started to pretty herself up while I cooked us a nice breakfast!! As we left the house and drove east, she must of guessed 10 times where we were going, but the way her eyes lit up when she saw the train station and then found out we'd be going to Chicago, melted my heart right away, and I knew already that I had made her day!! She just had no idea what else was in store ;) hehe! (She had told me when we first started dating that Chicago was the one city that she had always wanted to go to! Then not too long ago she had said she had always wanted to ride on a train....So I figured I'd make two of her dreams come true!!!) So the train ride went really well, and when we arrived in Chicago we wasted no time seeing the sights! To the top of Willis (Sears) Tower, to eating all the classic Chicago foods, and even checking out all of the art and shops that the city has to offer!! It was a great time already, and that's when I told her I had one more surprise for her!! So we went back to the hotel and that's when I showed her the Bulls Tickets!! If you know Kelly at all then you know how excited she was about this!! She absolutely loves basketball and once again it made an already perfect day even better!! After the game, I was extremely nervous haha, but I didnt let it show at all as we headed back to the hotel! After deciding that we were going to go out on the town I convinced her that I needed to stop back by the hotel first to change and then we could go check out the streets!! As we got to the door, I looked at her and said, "baby, I have one more surprise for you" to which she replied, "Noo, I am all surprised out!!" lol, and I just smiled and said, "I think you're gonna like this one" As we walked in the door, the hotel staff had my guitar (which I mailed to the hotel earlier in the week, so she wouldnt expect anything) set up perfectly in our room with some champagne and other treats!!! I couldnt of asked for a better setting, and now all I had to do was sneak the ring into my pocket and sing the song that I wrote her!!!! Now here it is for all of you to watch!!!
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