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Melody in Paris
I met Melody more than 30 years ago and we dated for a few months while she was in college (I graduated ahead of her). On her summer break between her junior and senior year, I invited her to Houston and we had an amazing week. The evening she arrived, we sat front-row at a Queen concert. Another night we attended an Astros double-header with a Beach Boys concert between games. We also had a great dinner at a romantic restaurant, went dancing another evening, and went to the museum another day. After she graduated from college she took a job in Los Angeles and I planned to stay in Houston. The idea of trying to maintain a long-distance relationship didn't last. Although we went our separate ways, two years ago I suddenly thought of her and quickly found her online. She still lived in Los Angeles and I lived in San Diego at the time. Shortly afterwards we met again and it was the return of beautiful relationship. After nearly two-years together, we both wanted to attend a two-day educational seminar. We were able to register in London and planned a vacation around it. The day after the course, we took the Eurostar train from London to Paris. The first evening in Paris, we went to the Eiffel Tower at sunset and rode to the top. Looking over the lights of Paris, the most beautiful vision was right next to me. I asked Melody to marry me (actually, I said that I love her, wanted to continue creating with her, added "marry me" Rhett Butler style, and gave her the ring). She quickly put the ring on her finger and then I had to ask if that was a "yes." She said yes! I still notice her catching glimpses and admiring her new ring. To add to the story, when Melody was in High School, she went on a school trip to Paris. As part of that trip, she went on a Seine River cruise. She told me that she decided at the time that she wanted to go on another Seine River cruise in the future with a romantic partner. I had the privilege of fulfilling that vision with Melody, my fiance, the evening after our engagement. Ahhh, Melody...and Paris.
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