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A Chilly Surprise!
On a brisk fall day in West Michigan, I took her on a fall color tour of our state.

She knew of the rings arrival because we picked it out together.. Before departing for the trip that morning she found the box in my closet however she went to shake it and see if the ring was coming with us and heard soemthing still in the box... which left her thinking the ring was at home and the proposal would not be this weekend.

I had the foresight to put a battery in the box and had the ring with me. We walked out for a scenic stroll onto the lighthouse and pier on beautiful lake michigan and asked a gentleman to take a picture of us.... when she went to put her arm around me and pose for the picture... I was no longer standing there but was Kneeling down with the ring presented to her and we captured the total shock on her face and she thankfully said yes!

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