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An amazing race
Our anniversary is April 4, 2006. For this 4th anniversary, I planned a surprise scavenger hunt/amazing race type of day to celebrate. I enlisted the help of the friend who introduced us and asked her to show up saturday morning. even our friend had no idea what I had planned for the day. <p> To start things off, I gave LeeJean the first clue for the scavenger hunt. At each location, there would be a clue for the next stop, and a small AMAC box (a clear plastic box found at the Container store). <p> Here is a run-down of the locations and the items that they retrieved a long the way:

1. Bob Chinn's restaurant - matchbook <p> 2. Deerfield's bakery - cookies (with a special "Happy Anniversary" cookie) <p> 3. Chicago indoor Racing - a matchbox dodge challenger (my favorite car) <p> 4. Chicago botanic garden - pamphlet cover <p> 5. Pierce Tower, Univ. of Chicago - "Where Fun Comes to Die" t-shirt <p> 6. the Nile restaurant - hummus and pita <p> 7. R+D 659 (my condo building) - keychain <p> 8.Nordstrom - a Marc Jacob's purse <p> 9. Starbucks, on Rush St, - peppermint gum and a giftcard <p> 10. Museum of Contemporary Art - MCA pin <p> 11. John Hancock gift shop - mini john hancock <p> 12. Lincoln Park Massage - lotion <p> 13. Sweet Mandy B's - cupcake <p> 14. Rise sushi restaurant - where I was waiting. <p> <p> After a great dinner at Rise, we went home and laid out everything that she collected on the scavenger hunt with the clue for each location. five minutes later, I told LeeJean I forgot something in the car and came back with a blacklight lamp and place it on the table. I told her there was a certain order to all of the boxes. After a bit of rearranging, I told LeeJean I needed one more minute to set things up. as she hid out in the bathroom for 45 seconds, I flipped each box on its side, turned off all of the lights and turned on the blacklight and asked LeeJean to come back in.

On the bottom of each box, I had written a letter in invisible ink that shines bright under a blacklight. It spelled out the following: W I L L Y O U M A R R Y M E I had my blue nile ring ready and turned on the lights so she could see her new ring. And the rest they say is history.

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