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Couple: Melissa & Bob
Proposal Date: 07/27/2009
Proposal Location: My work
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location: TBA
Our Proposal Story: Returning Soldier's girl says YES!
My fiancee and I have been dating 6-1/2 years, living together for 4 yrs. During his second deployment in Iraq with the New Jersey National Guard, we emailed all summer talking about the dates he was scheduled to come home for his 2 week R+R. He told me he'd being leaving Iraq on July 28 and I expected him to pick him up from the Philadelphia Int'l Airport by the upcoming weekend. However what I didn't know was he had schemed up a plan to come home early to surprise me. He left Iraq a couple days earlier than what I was told. His mother, sister and aunt picked him up at the airport and rushed him to my place of employment. All the while, I have NO idea. He waltzed in the Credit Union that I work for and was greeted by the local news station's TV cameras. He had no idea what was going on. To his surprise, his mother called the news station to inform them of a local soldier coming home to surprise his girl. The greeter did as asked and called me to come downstairs, saying I had a package waiting for me. I wisped down the stairs and came through a side door to find the branch manager of the Credit Union excited beyond words with tears in her eyes and looking back and forth between where I was and also looking at something amazing around the corner (which was out of my view). I took a couple steps and was blown away to see MY SOLDIER standing in the lobby waiting for me. I couldn't believe my eyes!! As far as I knew he was still in Iraq and not supposed to be leaving until the next day. He ran over to hug me, with TV cameras in tow. We briefly kissed hello in front of all my co-workers and all the customers in the lobby waiting their turn to be waited on. He suddenly pulled back, looked at me and said, "There's something I need to ask you." I had to lean against the wall behind me as he pulled out a small box and got down on knee. It was a fairy tale come true. The moment I sobbed yes we recieved a round of applause from the many people surrounding us. He knows how to make a scene! We made the 11 o'clock news that night and it aired again on the morning news. We were also on the front page of the Trenton Times. The cameras were a bit annoying being in our faces for the event, but once we saw the outcome we agreed it was nice to have them there so we could share the moment with our friends and family. If you'd like to see it, go to and search "soldier." You'll know it's us by my bright yellow shirt!! :)
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