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Couple: KS & Shenaz
Proposal Date: 08/04/2009
Proposal Location: NYC,
NY, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: My proposal story
My girl friend (now fiancee) and I had been talking about getting engaged and eventually getting married for quite some time now. I guess she had realized that I am one of those guy who are clueless when it comes to picking up a diamond ring (and too shy to get down to one knee) and she is going to have to go to a store and pick one herself (kinda boring). But I did want to surprise her so one fine day at work, my friend suggested I should check out I could not even dream of buying a ring from a website but I still checked it out and was impressed. However, I still wanted to hold a ring in my hand and all that stuff. So after getting my diamond 101 from bluenile, I went around NYC to at least 5 different stores to look for that perfect ring. I was shocked to see the difference in quality and price (now that I know what color, clarity, cut etc) meant between bluenile and the actual stores. I finally ordered a beautfiful solitaire from bluenile. The process was seamless and customer service as good as I have ever seen on any website. I invited my gf for dinner at this restaurant in mid-town that we have been going to for 6 years. In fact that's where we had our first lunch together. We sat down, and I orderd the 'house special' from the waiter (he knows us well and I had given him the ring for him to present it as the house special). The waiter brough it on a plate with a napkin decorated over it. My gf looked at us as if we were crazy, removed the napkin and here it was. She was shocked and all she could say was "this is stunning" before tears came to her eyes. I asked her if I had to do the whole one knee thing and she said YES and as shy as I can be, I sat on one knee and said "will you marry me?". The most beautiful night of my life definitely. And bluenile has not paid me anything for saying this but honestly I can't think of a reason why would people go to these rip-off jewellery stores when they can find a much better quality diamond with no hassles sitting at their homes (or in the office in my case).
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