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Couple: Charles & Jenn
Proposal Date: 05/10/2008
Proposal Location: Voorhees NJ,
United States
Wedding Date: 10/17/2009
Wedding Location: Philadelphia,
United States
Our Proposal Story: The Links to my heart
It was a couple days after our 10 month anniversary and this was the first month I forgot to do a little something cute on the day of. So we already had plans for the weekend to go out for happy hour on Friday and chip and putt on Saturday. Well Friday I picked up the ring that I thought was perfect for her and I couldn’t wait a couple weeks for my initial proposal plan that was a month later. So Friday with the ring in had I was determined to come up with the perfect plan to surprise her and make her remember it forever. I wanted to be both romantic and creative so I called her an hour before our planned happy hour and said to get dressed nice I have a surprise. So I came home from work with a dozen roses and reservations at a nice restaurant that she loves. I gave her a card that said Happy 10 month anniversary and that is what she thought we where celebrating. We have a great night and the next day we continued our plans for chip and putting. I prepared a note for each hole that had a memory and inside joke from each month since we met. So for the first hole I gave her a note that mentioned a memory from our first month and so on. Before we shot the 11th hole I gave a note that said "My favorite memory from this month will be today. (Happy 10 month anniversary!)" She was ecstatic just for this gesture. Well after we both shot our putts in the hole I got on my knees to get her ball out. I called her over acting surprised there was something strange in the hole. She came over and I pulled out the pouch with the ring in it and I asked her to marry me. She was so happy and shocked she kept hugging me and kissing me at the hole. We might of help up the golfers behind us but i didn't notice. After a couple minutes of emotion we just left to call all our friends and family.
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