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Couple: Kurt & Abbey
Proposal Date: 12/31/2007
Proposal Location: Chicago,
United States
Wedding Date: 08/23/2008
Wedding Location: Kalamazoo, MI,
Our Proposal Story: Night on the town (Chicago)
I picked her up in the afternoon and we drove to Chicago for our monthly "date night." It's always a surprise. I never tell her what we're going to do. This was going to be the "date night" of all date nights!

I took her shopping downtown at H&M and we caught dinner at a fancy Italian place (Vivere @ the Italian Village for all you Chicago peeps). You know, valet parking, too much money, not enough food. She enjoyed it. That's all that matters.

After dinner we caught a cab to the Cadillac Palace to see the New Years Eve showing of the Phantom of the Opera. Awesome play! She grew up doing theatre, so this was just perfect. She never stopped smiling. After the play, we were standing out front and everyone's limos were pulling up to pick them up for New Years celebrations, then up the street comes the horse-drawn carriage (enclosed) that I set up for us to pick us up right outside of the theatre. One older guy leans over to me and asks "Where did you get that!?" She was so surprised! Inside the carriage were two dozen roses and a blanket to keep us warm. Our inebriated carriage driver gave us a tour of downtown, and back to the restaurant.

We headed to Buckingham fountains for the midnight fireworks, but they got canceled at the last minute! and it was 20 minutes until midnight. I was freaking out inside, because I planned to purpose right at midnight with the fireworks going. We quick caught another cab to Navy Pier just in time to get on the pier (5 until MN) But the pier was packed with super-drunk people going crazy and I needed a quieter place to purpose, so we ran off the pier (2 minutes until MN!) rounded the corner, found a nice spot along the river. 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year! Fireworks everywhere, we're taking pictures and I get on my knee "Abbey, I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?"

She cried. I cried a little. She finally looked at the ring and cried again. She loves the ring! Got to recommend the signature cut, and packaged with the perfect night, it was MAJOR!

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