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Couple: Mark & Brittany
Proposal Date: 12/31/2007
Proposal Location: Chicago,
United States
Wedding Date:
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Our Proposal Story: Snowy Explosion Proposal
I don't get many opportunities to leave Maryland and visit my family back home in Chicago. So, I figured if I was going to propose I would do it in my hometown. This would enable me to enjoy the two loves in my life, my family and Brittany, and even possibly some snow.

After months of pondering, I narrowed the proposal down to New Years Eve in Chicago with the hope of snow. Brittany had no idea what I had planned to do on this trip and actually, neither did I. All I knew was that I was going to propose. Walking around Chicago, at night, when it's snowing is absolutely awesome! I knew that if snowflakes fell, it would make the proposal perfect. So, we hopped in the car and hit the long road to Chicago.

During the drive, I found out that Mother Nature was not going to disappoint! The forecast was calling for snow. I was so excited that I wanted to stop the car and propose right there on the street. Reluctantly, I waited. Brittany and I hit the town about 5pm New Years Eve. We walked over to Michigan Ave for some shopping, and I also kept my eye open for the perfect opportunity to pop the question. The snow was falling and people were filling the town readying themselves for the midnight celebration.

We kept walking and walking. Eventually, our feet started to feel the numbing effects of the cold ground. My window of opportunity seemed to be closing until we stumbled upon the Navy Pier. I noticed a small park located at the entrance. Not one person had stepped foot in the inch of snow that was covering the parks ground. I knew this was the place.

When we were walking towards the park, to our suprise, fireworks started to go off above our head. The firework celebration was set to go off at midnight but had started early because of the fog. I was caught up in the moment and knew the time was now. I took an iPod out of my pocket and told her to place one of the earphones into her ear. I put the other earphone in my ear and pressed play. It was a song that I used to sing to her, on my webcam, while I was fighting in Iraq a few years earlier. She started crying.

I reached in to my other pocket and handed her the ring box. She started crying even more and asked me what it was. I opened it and got down on one knee. I asked her to marry me as I choked back tears of my own. She said yes! It was perfect.

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