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Couple: Robert & Tara
Proposal Date: 02/14/2009
Proposal Location: New York City,
NY, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Surprise from London! Will you marry me?
We live in Manhattan and I was on a 6 month work assignment in London. I was not supposed to return to New York until February 28th. I sent her the February 28th flight itinerary and then cancelled and re-booked a flight to arrive on Valentine's Day instead. I was able to get her brother involved, so he offered to take her on a "date" on Valentine's Day, since I would be in London. I arrived at the restaurant before them, discussed my plan with the manager, and waited in the bathroom for them to arrive. After a few minutes at the table, her brother excused himself to use the bathroom and came in to get me. I then walked right up to the table, got on my knee right next to her and proceeded to propose to her! The look on her face was absolute shock and excitement. She gave me a huge hug and big kiss and said yes! I am really glad that everything worked out because that is surely a night that we will never forget.
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