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Couple: Mimi & Hyung Choe
Proposal Date: 10/24/2011
Proposal Location: Paris,
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Mother Nature's Best.
Hyung called me one night while he was at work, it's the midst of a coworker's passing. He told me life's too short and we should enjoy every minute we have. We both agreed to go on a vacation, travel and explore the world. On such short time we were headed off to Italy and France. We'd explored and learned so much during our time in Rome, Italy. Our last stop was the Trevi fountain and I took time to myself and made a wish.. and my wish was to marry Hyung Choe. Because life is too short and if God forbids anything happening, I wouldn't want us to leave other without him giving me his name in marriage. And as I finished my wish, I looked up at Hyung only to catch him looking down at me, with the cutest quirky smile, as if he'd read my mind.

Off to Paris we went. It was a bright and beautiful Monday morning the day he proposed. The weather was perfect, chilly but the shine from the sun gave us the perfect amount of warmth. We'd visited the Notre Dame first, something Hyung was so adamant on seeing. I left him to be alone as he lit and a candle and made a prayer. Shortly after our long marathon of walking the city of Paris. We found ourselves to the Eiffel tower. Hyung was so eager to get us up to the top, I didn't know why. But the lines circled about half a mile long. And the whole time I found myself sprinting after Hyung as he explored the grounds of the Eiffel tower looking for "a perfect" spot he kept saying. Of course as a girl, the words hit me dead on and I knew it was coming, why he was stuck on getting us up to the top. But it was just out of our reach, after trying so hard he gave up and we started walking away from the Eiffel tower.. I was disappointed because I was so sure he was going to propose, And there we were, walking over the Seine river bridge and Hyung looks at me with his cute smile and I couldn't help but be upset anymore. Maybe I was just over-exaggerating and took his words out of context.

We walked down this narrow street over the famous Seine river, view of the Eiffel tower behind us, the scenery had everything that represented the Iron Lady. The autumn trees lined it's way down, leaves turning yellow, the sunshine peeking through the tree branches and the sun hitting the river couldn't be anymore prettier. The combination of nature couldn't get anymore perfect. I told Hyung that this was the best spot I ever found myself to be in and he told me lets sit down on the bench and savor in this moment together then. As I'm sitting, taking pictures of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, I turn to take a picture of the center attention of all my pictures and found him on his knees, ring out in hand, saying how much he loves me.. I couldn't stop giggling and laughing, tearing up at the same time and there it goes... the 7 magical words "Mimi Vu Nguyen, will you marry me?" Of course I said YES!!! It couldn't get anymore perfect than that. My wish, his prayer. Mother nature wanted us married.

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