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Couple: Jay & Michelina
Proposal Date: 12/07/1989
Proposal Location: Eiffel Tower,
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Look Up at the Eiffel Tower
Michelina and I went to Paris, France in December. On the second day, early in the morning, we walked down the streets enjoying the smell of morning coffee and fresh croissants, and then we headed over to the Eiffel Tower.

Maneuring past the growing crowds, we wandered into the gardens behind the Tower. Michelina started to take pictures. I then I told her to "Look Up!" at the amazing view.

When she turned around I was on a knee and I presented her with a ring. She kissed me a thousand times and we went across the street to celebrate on a Seine River boat cruise. It was 20 minutes until she realized she hadn't said YES!

She said YES and I can't thank the diamond experts at Blue Nile for helping me purchase the perfect engagement ring for my proposal! They made the entire experience seemless and I can't believe I was able to afford such an amazing ring!

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