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Couple: Daniel & Neha
Proposal Date: 06/27/2013
Proposal Location: Sedona, AZ,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Get Lucky
Myself, and a band that goes by the name of "B Platinum Entertainment," constructed an elaborate plan to propose to my girl.

After a no-doors helicopter tour through the famed vortex and the gorgeous, red rock formations of Sedona, a "birthday wine tasting" (as it was my birthday on this day) with a live band was awaiting us. As far as my girl knew at this time, the complementary wine tasting and live band was "provided" by the helicopter tour company as a birthday special, exclusively for those who book helicopter tours with them for special occasions.

My girl was tricked into thinking the band at the wine tasting only played country music (the ONLY genre of music that she refuses to listen to).

Unitl, they started playing songs specific to my girl and I, which then led up to myself performing B.O.B's "Lovelier than you" with the band and a proposal speech to follow.

The whole time, there were videographers filming this, posing as tourists taking photos of the red rock formations that surrounded us.

See the proposal video on youtube, by simply typing "sedona proposal "get lucky" in the search bar.

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