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Couple: Abraham & Erica
Proposal Date: 06/28/2013
Proposal Location: Forest Hills, NY,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Seth Rogen helped me propose!
The thrilling saga begins several years ago at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Abe was working on a project with famed film maker, Morgan Spurlock Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fans Hope a documentary about the weird, wonderful world of the annual convention. One of Abe's assignments was to help the crew with celebrity interviews. Erica told Abe to look for celebrities that she liked and it so happened, that one of her favorites was scheduled to be interviewed: Seth Rogen.

(The long running joke was that Erica always hoped to marry a nice, Jewish boy like Seth Rogen but ended up with a nice, Jewish-named boy like Abe. )

While Seth Rogen, was being interviewed, Abe struck up a conversation with his manager and mentioned that he wanted to take this opportunity to do something over the top and romantic but also funny: a few photos that would in effect, be Abe's marriage proposal to Erica.

Abe expressed concern that Seth Rogen's schedule was too tight and that he wouldn't get a chance to go through with the plan. Little did he know, he wasn't talking to his publicist he was actually talking to Seth's fiancee (now wife, actress Lauren Miller) and she pretty much guaranteed that he would do whatever she said.

So with some major creative input and camera skills from Alba Tull (the amazing photographer on the project), Abe got his wish and took some photos with Seth Rogen. (He also got Erica a birthday wish video but that's another story.)

Fast forward three years to June 2013 and Abe is finally ready and able to propose (thanks to a great new job). By this time, Abe and Erica have moved in together (happily) to Forest Hills in Queens (Living the dream!). The neighborhood movie theater, UA Midway Stadium was the venue where they saw their first movie together (Watchmen) and took their first photo booth pictures (cute, silly the first of many) in the theater lobby.

On June 27, they catch the last, late showing of Seth Rogen's hilarious comedy, This Is The End. After the film, Abe suggests to Erica that they take some photo booth pictures for old times sake. They get set behind the curtain and pose for pictures, but the booth appears to be out of order. But there happens to be pictures in the slot Abe gets down on one knee to retrieve the photos and he shows them to Erica. The strip of images are of Abe and Seth Rogen -- with a sign simply stating Erica, Will You Marry Me?

She says yes.

This is the End? Nope, its just the beginning. (See what I did there?)

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